Thursday, December 4, 2008

Discovery Education + The Earth's Interior

Now that we have learned information about waves from an earthquake and locations at which they occur; today we started to dig deeper. We started a lesson focusing on the earth's interior and the parts that make it up.

To help aide in our learning we used Discovery Education (DE) to help guide us through this process. The DE Science Edition has proved to be of great help to us in our classroom. Today we used an interactive application to help us label and obtain information concerning the multiple layers of the Earth. With the help of our Smart Board our students were able to match the different terms to their location on a diagram.

Mr. McClung


francisco said...

Maaaannnnn you guys did ggggoooooodddddd111111.

Wm Chamberlain said...

Your Blogger search storm from yesterday really helped fill out your clustermap!

jkmcclung said...

Yeah I needed to pad my stats a little bit!

tamakitoday said...

Search storm? Is that one of those random 60 a day blogger visits that you can't explain?

@ jkmcclung thanks so much for all your students comments. Next week our students will start coming back onto your blog! Much appreciated, and nice to see New Zealand #2 country visitors to your blog! We're ahead of Canada! Go Kiwis!

Keegan said...

well mr mclung i think that it is cool to have u as a teacher and i never want to be left out of the blog and thats y u put me in the blog