Friday, November 21, 2008

Crowder College Talent Search

Thursday we took a field trip to Crowder College as a part of the Crowder College Talent Search. Throughout the day we visited several different departments at the school. Some of the highlights included the agri barn, library, solar house, and the vet. clinic.

At the solar house we learned about a house that runs of solar power only and how every can use resources (other than fossil fuels) to power the world. There we saw several different types of solar panels, a car and golf chart that ran off solar power. The house had included a battery that stored the suns energy, and held enough charge to power the house for one week without sunlight.

Check out the pictures and enjoy.

Mr. McClung



Solar power is going to save the planet one day, but the problem is the sun only shines for part of the day. Crazy I know!

Mr.McClung how do you run your fancy liberal car at night then?

jkmcclung said...

well you see car runs off electric power and gas. they call that a hybrid.....crazy I know.
dang liberals...

Catie Pearl said...

Now, now children. Be nice to the liberals.

I dig it sir!