Monday, January 5, 2009

Science Fair

Flow Chart for The Scientific Method

Students, I have re-posted this entry so that we can ready ourselfs for the new semester and our science fair. Due to the snow days we had at the end of last month we were not able to follow this assignment through. Later this week we will use the resources in this post to start our science fair process!

We are also starting to use new technology in our classroom that will help us with our science fair projects as well. As of Monday, our class will have its own social network provided by Ning. We are very excited about the opportunities this will provide our classroom and we'll provide more information as we further develop our network.

A second use of technology we will be using this week is Discovery Education's Science Fair Central. This is a great resource for science fair goers, and provides many reliable resources.

Mr. McClung


Dillion said...

Mr.Mcclung i can't wait till the science fair. I'm going to have to figure out a good way to present it out. I;m thinking about presenting somthing about earthqaukes.

jkmcclung said...

Very good Dillion, keep the ideas coming!

Kwaryga said...

Mr Clungs blogging website talked about the science fair and that sounded like fun. I like the pictures the most because we can see what he was doing. I wish my class would do something like that, it sounds like fun.

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