Thursday, January 22, 2009

Microcsope Scope Lab 2

We continued our use of microscopes today as I introduced two new objects to my students. Along with the observations from the clipping of the newspaper "e" they made yesterday, students were asked to draw their observations of a feather and a picture from a magazine that they viewed using a microscope.

The top picture is of the setup we used to view the feather, using a 4x objective. I was able to manipulate my camera to get a picture of what the field of view looked like. Students were impressed with the fact that all of these pictures were made up of such little dots.

Once again, the top picture is our standard dry mount setup with two slides and a feather. In the bottom field of view picture, you can see the stem of the feather with all of the vane extending from it. Most students compared this picture to fish bones, and also commented on the small hair like objects extending from the stem. Tomorrow we will continue our use of the microscopes, examining different objects and using different objectives.

Mr. McClung


Wm Chamberlain said...

Awesome pics, you are gonna have to show me how u did them.

jkmcclung said...

I am going to attempt to take a video in the next week, may need to borrow the tripod.