Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Home for Class Videos

Created using Obamicon

Using our Ning website has become my new hobby. Everyday I use our online classroom I discover something new about the program. The newest feature that I have found, that is making my life a whole lot easier, is our new video section. With this feature I can now load videos in large bulk and also use it to host my videos so that I can embed them wherever I please. This is a vast improvement from the lighting quick loading speed of Blogger....Feel free to check it out, I do not have all of our videos loaded, but the majority of them are there.
Video Library

Mr. McClung


Anonymous said...

Mr. McClung,
The web site is great!!
Thanks! to Jeff who shared it with me!

a.k.a. Jeff's mom

megan said...

Cool blog! I used the Obamicon to! It really cool how that works! What is Ning by the way???

Megan said...

Cool blog! What is ning by the way?