Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Check: The Trucker's Wife

This week I am very excited about my blog check. For this week I choose to feature a blog from a parent of one of my students. Ms. Driver started her first blog at the beginning of this month and has already began to build an online community. She primarily uses this to keep up with friends and family. The reason I am very excited about this is because this is a family that has really became involve in the blogging community. Her daughter Courtney (my homeroom student), has also started her own blog, and she has been posting since last semester. Because of these blogs I have been able to stay connected to both my student and her parents outside the classroom. You can check both their blogs by clicking on the links below.
Courtney's Blog
The Trucker's Wife

Mr. McClung

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The Trucker's Wife said...

LOL, thanks for the blog check. I've sure got some traffic now, goodness gracious! TW