Thursday, February 19, 2009

Emotional Persuasion

As apart of our communication arts lesson this week, we are studying the different types of emotional persuasion. The other day in class we created a list of different types of emotional persuasion strategies used in advertisements: better your health, better your self-image, make your friends jealous, give you energy, etc.....

Today, we will continue the conversation by looking at different types of videos commercials. With the Super Bowl having taken place earlier this month, I figured what better way to aid teaching this subject than showing the best of the best emotional persuasion used all year long. The Super Bowl is notorious for it over the top advertisements, and today we are going to take a closer look at the four following advertisements to better understand what strategies they are using to sell their products.

"Need a Better Job?" - CareerBuilder.Com

"Ugly Part of Town" - Cheetos

"I'm Good" - Pepsi

"G" - Gatorade

It is very clear that these four commercials all contain emotional persuasion, but is this fair to play on a person's emotions to sell a product? Does your opinion change depending on what they are selling? Or does it change depending on what emotion they are playing on?

Class, today we will discuss this question and these different videos and how they are being used to sell their products. Following our discussion, we will start our brain storming process of creating our own commercial using the before discussed strategies.

Mr. McClung


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

This is a GREAT idea! Is the message board part of your blogspot account or is it something additional?

My class just started to experiment with blogging and I would love to add something like this.

I really loved how your one student corrected the other on the misspelling of lose.

Great stuff!

Bob Heist
Lone Pine, CA

jkmcclung said...

Thanks for the comment! It is not a part of Blogspot, it is a social network that is provided by Ning. Ning is free and very easy to use and includes chat, discussion boards, personal profiles, videos, and pictures. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ashley said...

whats meotional perswation?i would like to know.