Monday, February 9, 2009

Middle Web Mention

A couple of weeks ago our blog was featured on a website call MiddleWeb. Middle Web is a site that describes itself as a site that
"provides a wealth of resources for schools, districts, educators, parents, and public school advocates working to raise achievement for all students in the middle grades."
Last night I was contacted by John Norton, the editor or Middle Web to inform me that he was including our classblog in his weekly e-newsletter. This newsletter reaches about 16,000 people every week. Below is a a excerpt from the weekly newsletter.
Subtitled, simply, "the Sixth Grade Blog of Noel Elementary," this intriguing chronicle of life in Joe McClung's Noel Missouri classroom is notable for its graphics, lively mix of topics, and engaging style. Aimed primarily at helping parents and community members peep into sixth grade life, McClung's blog can serve as a model for other teachers to consider. But there's also visual documentation of science lessons and labs, music, writing, online networking and video. Did I mention history and civics? Check out the Jan. 19 lesson for MLK Day, exploring Jim Crow Laws with help from Dr. Seuss's book The Sneetches. Excellent work, Joe!
Because of this one newsletter our blog has been hit about 300 times in the past 24 hours. To put that in perspective, we average about 30 hits a day. Whoa...My students and I are very honored and pleased that Mr. Norton would think enough of our work to include us on his newsletter and share what we are doing here in Noel with the rest of the world.
Thank you Mr. Norton.

Mr. McClung


The Trucker's Wife said...

WOW! That's awesome! Congratulations!

NZWaikato said...

That's a fantastic reflection on your wonderful blog, and all the hard work that you've put into it. I am concerned now that New Zealand may not be the #2 visitor country for long! Congratulations on having the best blog in Noel Elementary!
Mr Webb and Room Eight, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton,
Waikato, New Zealand

JohnNorton said...

Joe - I'm just the messenger! Great world you're creating in sixth grade. Glad you got lots of hits, and I hope some of your teacher visitors thought: "I could do this!"

John Norton