Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Microscope Lab, Continued

Yesterday we continued our lesson with microscopes. We discovered how to use the fine focus nob. Our students discovered that they can use this focus nob to look at different layers of a material.

This demonstration was performed using small pieces of ribbon. Students were asked to make a wet mount using two slides, three pieces of ribbon (red, white, and blue), and three drops of water.

Above is a picture of the second layer of ribbons. Students were asked to pay attention to how many layers could be brought into focus at a time. In this slide it was the red ribbon, or the second layer of ribbons.

Last picture here is of the top layer of someones wet mount. In this picture you can see the blue ribbon, the top layer. We will be leaving microscopes for a little bit and turning our focus towards science fair projects.

Mr. McClung

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