Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Day of Science Fair

Night so long....just arrived home from a weekend away in Dallas, TX and thought I would make an update before I am off to sleep. Friday marked the last school day of our preparation before our projects are due on Monday. Of course we were scrambling like crazy to finish our projects. Students only took breaks for math as we spent majority of the day testing and preparing our display boards. I thought I would share the a little bit of the madness from our last day of science fair. As stated before, display boards are due on Monday (for my grading), then they will be judged on Tuesday for the science fair. Here are a few snapshots from Friday.

Myself and Yessy testing the blood pressure of a fellow student. This is one of the many experiments we have been conducting the past two weeks.

Ben's electrical box experiment.

Aaron's compass in a cup experiment.

Austin's potato clock experiment.

Find more videos like this on Mr. McClung's Class

A video from Alex's experiment on air pressure

As you can see a ton of work have gone into these experiments, and it will pay off for these students as this will be 1/3 of their semester grade for the year. As I stated before, judging will be on Tuesday and many more updates, videos, and photos will be on their way soon.


nicole said...

That is awesome i hope u all have a good year. that is a nice vidio that u made

ashley said...

hi i was wondering how do you think judging will be we had our science fair already and it was pretty cool and beside me and my other 2 friends was these people that where blowing up pickles and i have no idea what that has to do with science.