Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Madness

Being my first year teaching I did not fully know what to expect from my students on Valentine's Day. Of all the classroom parties, it was like Halloween and Christmas on steroids. Something about one month romances and chocolate make 6th graders freak out. Today we had many activities throughout the day, but of course we started out the day with exchanging gifts.

Fidel showing off his flowers and candy that he gave to Ariana.

Ismael with his gift that he gave Carmen.

Students made Valentine Bags in their art class earlier this week, and used them today. Students went around the room exchanging Valentine cards, candy and gifts, and used the bags to carry their loot.

Above is Trystan and her brother (former student of Mrs. Hamm)

Find more videos like this on Mr. McClung's Class

Above is a video of a small class party that took place in Mrs. Hamm's room today.

Mr. McClung

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