Friday, February 6, 2009

Tulsa Update

Hello from Tulsa, and thank you to everyone that has been commenting since my absence. The clinic has been great; I have had the opportunity to listen to some great football minds from the high school, college, and even pro ranks.

I have been in contact with some of my students since I have been gone, via Ning, and also have been watching from our live stream from time to time. Also the picture above is from a comment that my sub left (Mr. Landers). So far it looks like my students have behaved well in my absence (as if there was any doubt!)

This comment also makes me think, wouldn't sites like Blogger and Ning be a great way to leave instructions for substitute teachers? Also a possible way to answer any questions they may have? I know for myself I felt a lot better knowing that my substitute was handling my classroom well and was comfortable enough to communicate with me via our class blog. Any thoughts?

Mr. McClung


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT idea! You are seconds away from questions/problems...I like the way you really do put your students first! Have fun!!

Courtney said...

I was NOT dancing on the tables!!!