Monday, February 23, 2009


Today my class and I explored a website called Vocaroo, a bit of technology that was shared with us by Mr. C. This is a website that can be used to record voice messages and post/embed them on to the Internet. I am very excited about his technology, this finally allows for a quick and easy way for my students to have their voices heard on our blog and social network. I decided to use a small sample group today to work out any kinks there may be and gauge their initial reaction to this technology. I asked these students to give a brief explanation of their science fair project that they will display tomorrow. You can listen to their responses by clicking here.

Mr. McClung


pcone said...

Hello Grade Six

We are still having problems posting comments on Blogger. I don't know if it is our new web filters or a problem with Blogger.

Drake said...

Mr. McClung, where is the science video? No one can find it.
Mrs. Drake

jkmcclung said...

I just sent a link to Mr. computer was shut down today for some reason.

ashley said...

vocaroo that sounds so cool i wish i could try it out that would be so cool to try something like that i have a few quistions.what do you do on it ? any fun games or stuff fun?