Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eliminating Down Time

Today we continued our use of the Foss application that be began yesterday. As with any assignment, you have students that finish their lesson way before others. In an effort to eliminate down time and the question "Mister, what do I do now???" today I put my kids to work. After each student finished their work for the day, they were asked to visit our blogroll and comment on three other class blogs. This worked out wonderfully.

This led to some great imaginative thinking as well. Pictured above is Courtney and Ben visiting the Scholastic Story Starter. This quickly became of interest to all my students and has inspired me to create a communication arts lesson using this application. This is just one example of how class blogs and having an audience can benefit your classroom and a teacher's instruction. We were able to find this application at Room 8's Class Blog.

Mr. McClung


Moturoa said...

Beware the sudden raft of kids who suddenly decide they don't know what to write about!

Allanah K

jkmcclung said...

Ha ha, I am afraid of that. The enthusiasm tends to wear off when it comes to putting pen to paper.