Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Using Acrositics

On Tuesday we used acrostics to help us better understand our spelling words for the week. A acrostic is when you write a word, or in our case spelling words, vertically and then you associate a term horizontally next to each letter in the word that describes the whole word. Below is an example of a acrostic:
F ans
A pplause
M uch-admired
O utstanding
U nequaled
S tar
For our spelling lesson today, I allowed the students to use their spelling words and make acrostics that were more humorous than descriptive. Below are some highlights from today's lesson:

O ld people
B uy
V iolins and hide them
I n
O ur
U n-used
S nuggies
- Ben

P eople
R emark
E very time
V illians
I nfamously
O pen
U p
S torage rooms
- Courtney

O ctopus
B abies
V iolently
I nk
O ther
U nderwater creatures
S hamelessly
- Colby

You can create your own acrositic by clicking here.

Mr. McClung

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jeff said...

awsome,your acrositics are cool