Monday, March 9, 2009

Poll Update

Thank you to everyone that took part in my little impromptu poll questions about our class debate. One poll question was a success and the other question prompted no sufficient results. First off, "Do you think it is a good idea to have a school dress code", we had 46 people vote in this poll question. The results were 72% said that this was a bad idea, 26% said this was a good idea, and 1% were undecided.

This was about what I expected from this poll. While school uniforms or stricter dress codes have their positives such as school pride, less closet hassle, and decrease in discipline issues, there are still some very valid arguments against them. In some districts cost my be an issue and the major complaint you will hear is that this takes the individually away from a student.

On this blog we have at some outstanding input from visitors on our ongoing debate. Over the next two days my class will begin to refine their debate skills and their topics as we prepare for class debate Thursday. I am very excited and I am hoping that my students echo some of the same arguments (and present new fresh ideas) that you all have had on the comment boards. Stay tuned for up-dates and I will be back in school on Tuesday.

Mr. McClung

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grandma mac said...

There you go....That is what is so great about voting...Now...I know that I would have voted for the "dress code".... I lost.....BUT....I got to vote....I had a say.,....don't you just love the fact that we live in a country that you can actually HAVE a say? Great Poll and thanks for the opportunity to once again voice my opinion.......