Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Understanding Japanese Culture

As our students move forward in Social Studies, they have started their unit on World War II. To better understand events that led to the cause of WWII, Mrs. Hamm has began training our students on how to use chopsticks. Each student has been asked to use these chopsticks at lunch to eat "finger foods". Students will do this for an entire month. Mrs. Hamm explains....
"To better understand the events that took place in the Pacific region during World War 2, it is important for our students to understand the Japanese Culture"
For the next week our students will be studying events that led to WW2 and who were the major players. As you would guess, this is a very LOADED unit. Meaning that there is so much great information and history (potential blogging), I will be working with Mrs. Hamm and will be trying my best to chronicle their studies in her class....I am a bit of nerd when it comes to this period of history.

Mr. McClung


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! I wish I had that kind of opportunity when I was studying History. We were only given text book and that's it.
You looked like you're having fun eating Japanese food. I like Japanese food too. I make sushi very often.

Mrs She @ Pt England School Auckland New Zealand

The Trucker's Wife said...

I sure wish my teachers would've taken so much interest in the kids when I was growing up. With things like parent's night and hands-on stuff, the kids can't help but learn. You teachers deserve a big hand! I never learned to eat with chopsticks. I guess I'll have to get Courtney to show me :o)

jkmcclung said...

Thank you for that big hand! If need be, we could send an each pair of chopsticks home for Courtney to teach you!