Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rock the Vote '09: Radio Commercial

Below are the radio commercials, please vote by posting a comment with the groups name of who you think did the best job. Good luck everyone!

Boost Juice

Cherry Bombs

Snap, Crackle, BOOM!

10-Up Juice

Mr. McClung


jkmcclung said...

We need to refine our commercials...

Wm Chamberlain said...

You should have borrowed my mic.

jkmcclung said...

true, the kids tend to play with the head set constantly, which explains the fuzzy sound....this first time many of them used Vocaroo....they will get better.

Anonymous said... the "boost juice"! I can use alittle here.....really like the idea that it is already mixed with orange it tastes great!

jkmcclung said...

Mrs. Hamm's class voted:
Cherry Bombs: 0
Snap, Crackle, BOOM: 1
10-Up: 15
Boost Juice: 7

jkmcclung said...

Mr. McClung's Class:
Cherry Bombs: 0
Snap, Crackle, BOOM: 4
10-up: 11
Boost Juice: 4

savannah (room10) said...

hi my name is savannah from room 10 at morrinsville boost juice sounds really cool I loved the way you guys said "it brings you back to life" and "dont drink at 100 digreese ferenhight" thats awesome.