Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Jude Fundraiser

Last night marked our St. Jude Fundraiser. St. Jude is a children's research hospital that specializes in finding cures and saving children from pediatric cancer and other diseases. For our fundraiser this year consisted of basketball game matching up our 5th and 6th grade boys vs. girls. After several weeks of trash talking it all came together last night. Below are some videos from last night's action....

Below is a video of last night's halftime entertainment. When each student entered the ballgame last night, they were asked to donate money for a chance to challenge a teacher to a "shoot-out". For some reason I became a big target for this contest, maybe it had something to do with my height...nevertheless, I was challenged by an 8th grader you will see he did not fair so well!

Tough break Fendley....

At the end of a hard fought game, our boys did win the context by a narrow margin of two points (or about 50 points worth of bragging rights). The most important thing is that we were able to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause with the help of some special people. Mrs. Messley did an excellent job pulling it all together, and all of the teachers evolved did an excellent job as well.

Mr. McClung

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Miss Paton and Room 3 said...

A great basket ball game. We loved watching the game.

Miss Paton & Room 3