Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Microscope Mania: Mini-pods Explored

A couple of months ago we set the stage for today's lesson. Today we will be looking at our mini-pods that we created all the way back in January. The students were given their mini-pods and asked to go on a "safari" to see what different types of organisms were alive in their pods.

Students were given the following instructions: Prepare a wet mount from various areas in your mini-pod, use the key in your book to identify the different types of organisms under the microscope. Students were given a key that consisted of about 40 pictures of different types of aquatic organisms, below are three pictures of the most reoccurring that we witnessed today.


Below is a video that I took of one pair of student's slide, in this video you can see all three of these organisms in the field of view. My students were able to organize them accordingly, but can you spot the three different types of organisms?

Mr. McClung

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