Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bacteria, Day 2

I know what your thinking.....the highlight of my day, looking at Mr. McClung's funky mouth germs.....YES!

Below is a picture of the agar from my water bottle sample, which by far has been the grossest result we have had to this point.

Below is a fairly new discovery from last hour science class today. One of our students swabbed the buttons on the ice cream machine and this is what came back. As you can see the bacteria in the third section of the petri dish has spread to all four far this location has produced the most bacteria from our testing.

We will continue this experiment until Friday when I hope to post our final observations for this project, in the meantime.......make sure to wash your hands!

Mr. McClung


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi guys!
There were some interesting results with the bacteria especially the ice cream button. I'm looking forward to seeing more results and what your conclusions are.

Thank you for all your comments on our blog too. The children are on holiday and start back on this coming Monday. They will be stoked to see your comments you left when I show them. In the meantime, keep up the great work and blogging.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School, N.Z

Nicki said...

Wow, I can just imagine what the key pads for the accuscan computer in the cafeteria are like. Remember, I have 2 bottles of germ-x on the table for use at anytime!

NZWaikato said...

I think its a bit of a worry that your teacher's water has come up with the most bacteria. I think you should keep one sample and maybe note the progress of bacteria over an extended period of time. We made sandwiches in class and bagged them up on February 25th. At nearly two months its getting interesting!

jkmcclung said...

we have a couple of extra dishes, I think we are going to swab something of interest and let it set for a period of time.

james said...


It's been a long time since I last looked at this blog and I hope you do wash hands because of the flu going round