Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tie Tuesday Hall of Fame

We have a Tie Tuesday Hall of Fame first! Today we are inducing our first female student to the TTHF! Macy is in my homeroom and is always excited when Tie Tuesday rolls around. Macy called claims on her dad's best tie at the beginning of the semester, and has been wearing it every Tuesday since. So here's to you Macy! May you enjoy this great honor and all the fame that comes with it!

Mr. McClung


The Trucker's Wife said...

Congratulations Macy!!!

Jarrod Lamshed said...

Hi All

Just a quick note b4 I head off to bed!

I really enjoyed talking with you guys tonight. You had some great questions ready for me and I was really impressed at how prepared you were.

Thanks for having me in your class, and I'll hopefully have a chance to speak to some of you again. Maybe on a Tuesday so I have an excuse to pull out one of my terrible ties!

Mr Lamshed

kenya said...

yea it was pretty fun talking to you too!