Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Throwdown Thursday

Ahhhh....yes! Another week, another throwdown!

For those not familiar with what with Throwdown Thursday, it is a weekly event that my students and I have developed. Students partner up with a classmate and label themselves as number ones and two. Number one student will then perform a dance or movement and the number two student must replicate the same movement. This will continue on for about ten minutes while students take turns. The whole concept is built about coming to school, hearing some good music, dancing a little bit, and breaking a sweat in the process. Not a bad deal, huh? I prepare my playlist for another Throwdown Thursday, I can't help but to think about some of the great dances in history....let's take a look.

"....more like a full body dry heave set to music...." - Oh yeah, the famous Elaine dance. Characterized by it's "little kicks" and "thumbs". May be best to NOT do this one in public.

Nobody gets down like the Fresh Prince. Carlton and Will show us the importance team work.

Who could forget this internet juggernaut, definitely wins the award for best dance using props.

The great thing about dancing is that you do not have to great at it to have fun, thank goodness....So, no matter if you are a professional, or if you have to depend on "little kicks" to get yourself on the dance floor, add a little rhythm to your day and enjoy yourself on this Throwdown Thursday.


Wm Chamberlain said...

Nice! I wish I could dance as well as Elaine.....

jeffrey said...

i like Ok Go alot they look weird in that video
the Fresh Prince clip was from my favorate episode

Mary Kathryn said...

I love the guys on the treadmills. I have to admit, if I tried that I would probably have to go get patched up! I needed a laugh tonight, and these videos gave it to me, Thank you. I hope when I have my own classroom I am able to do fun stuff like Throwdown Thursdays.

Jenny B. Jones said...

What a cool idea!! I might have to steal this. I like THIS KID as my hero for dance moves: