Friday, April 24, 2009

Peer Review Practice

Students this week have been preparing short stories using a specific outline method in order to build the appropriate parts of a story, rising action, climax, falling action, etc. So in order to prepare for our upcoming collaboration piece with Mr. Lamshed's class, we practiced our peer review skills today.


Students were asked to present their rough draft outlines for peer review to me. These outlines were taped to various places in the classroom (with no names) and students took two minutes at each paper to review a fellow classmate's work. Students were asked to review their ideas and provide 'constructive' comments to help make the paper stronger.

The Result

Awesome. My students really took off with this and took it very seriously. Everyone had a honest approach to help their friends write their papers. I really think this is a value exercise in teaching students how to proof read and review a paper and is an exercise I look forward to doing again in the future.

Mr. McClung


Eve said...

I love this idea! Did they write down their feedback or just give it out orally during class? I'd love to know how you went about the feedback process! Thanks for sharing!

jessica(rm10) said...

This is a great idea as it can help students to improve their writing and think about what is effective.Great work!