Friday, April 17, 2009

Madagascar Cockroach Discussion

After yesterday excitement cockroach lab, we the opportunity today to reflect on yesterday's discoveries. Today in class we reviewed some key points from yesterday's lab including, walking, eating, antennas, and stimuli. Below is a video of our discussion from today.

After our discussion was over, we took sometime to practice our Cornell Note-Taking. We used a reading from the book that highlighted habitats of various insects.

We will wrap up our discussion of insects on Monday as we prepare to enter our final unit of diversity of life, kingdoms of life.

Mr. McClung


MissF said...

WOW ..... there is so much I did not know about Madagascar Cockroaches! I am going to look very closely at their heads if I come accross them to determine if they are male or female. How loud is their hiss? can you hear it easily or only if you are up close to them?. I like the techniques you use for gaining the attention of your class and how you keep the students attention when in discussions using validation.

jkmcclung said...

Thank you so much for the comment, the hissing is quite loud considering how small they are, it is a very clear sound when it happens....and thanks for the compliments on our lesson.

Nita said...

HOPE you counted all those little buggers and didn't lose any of them in class LOL
What a great way to keep things interesting what a lucky class