Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bacteria Observations, Day 1

Today we continued with our bacteria discussion in science class. After all that swabbing yesterday, we decided to take a look at our results.

As stated in the previous post, we swabbed everything from toilets to cell phones. Above is a picture of a petri dish from a swabbing of one of our beloved cockroaches. Students were able to spot that there indeed had been some change over the night and bacteria was quickly growing. The type of bacteria that we found growing from the roaches and their environment is called filamentous.

Above is a very disturbing petri dish, because section one is from a sample that I took from the mouth of my water bottle. This was by far the best piece of visual evidence we had yesterday. The type of bacteria found here is called puntiform.

Students were very surprised by the results from day one, many were expecting large growth on samples that were taken in the restroom and lunch room, but the roaches and my water bottle (gross) produced the largest colonies. Tomorrow we will continue with our discussion and observations as we prepare to discuss colony growth.

Mr. McClung


Jarrod Lamshed said...

Remind me NOT to share yr water bottle! Remeber teeth should be brushed morning AND night!

Mr Lamshed

Ky- Connor-Corey said...

Me and my friends really like how you or your classmates did your observation with the bacteria.