Monday, April 13, 2009

Peer Writing Review

Slow week last week of blogging last week, but back at it again this week.

The past two weeks we have been working up a couple of rough drafts in my communication arts class, one of these is a story using Scholastic Story Starters. Story Starters is a application that give students a topic and a description for which to base the context of the story around. Above is a picture of my students using the SMARTboard to interact with Story Starters.

Today my students will begin processing their short stories on Google Docs, in this process students will be preparing their papers for peer review with their classmates using the collaborate feature. This is a great practice to use for preparing papers/writing assignments for final submission. Looking forward to posting some of these short stories that will be produced by this lesson along with updates of our progress.

Mr. McClung

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