Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introduction to Insects - Live and Loud

Today we began our introduction to insects. We studied the began by studying the basic overview of the make up of an insect. We learned that there are three basic parts that make up all insects
  • Head (the control center of the insect)
  • Thorax (in control of movement)
  • Abdomen (where the guts are stored)
In addition, we learned that different insects require different adaptations. Example, a female mosquito, everything about their piercing mouthparts is adapted for tapping blood. Also, the mosquito's saliva contains chemicals that keep blood from clotting and is also equipped with pain killers, this is why you usually do not feel anything until a few minutes after the mosquito has left. This is just one example of an adaptation.

Below is a video lesson of our discussion about insects today, enjoy.

Mr. McClung

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Moturoa said...

This activity will give you more of an idea about whether some little critters are insects or not.

Insect HuntDid you know that New Zealand has a HUGE giant weta.

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