Friday, May 1, 2009

Care Package From Mr. Lamshed

At last! We received our package we have been expecting from Mr. Lamshed of Australia. After a conversation with Mr. Lamshed last month, our class begin research of the popular sport of Australian Rules Football. Pleased with our efforts, Mr. Lamshed prepared a care package containing team photos, stickers, lanyards, and our own official Aussie Footy

My students were geeked to receive these goodies that Mr. Lamshed was kind enough to send us. Thanks once again to Mr. Lamshed, we look forward to returning the favor!

Mr. McClung


NZWaikato said...

We've just had a field day of Aussie Rules football at our school on Friday and although Mr Lamshed didn't have anything to do with it I think its wonderful that he sent those gifts to your students! I should do the same thing when the Rugby Union Season starts!
Mr Webb

Jarrod Lamshed said...

Hey Guys!

Glad to see the Footy and posters arrived safely. I hope you get some good use out of the ball! You'll have to get Mr McClung to let you out for a game of 'marks up'. My kids are working on some AFL videos which we hopefully start posting this week.

Have fun!
Mr Lamshed