Thursday, May 14, 2009

Periodic Table Project

For our final project for the year, students will be investigating the periodic table. Students will be studying the periodic table by focusing on finding the following information about each element:

  • Periodic Table information
  • Number of protons, neutrons, and electrons
  • Discovery information (person and date
  • Important uses
  • Pictures that illustrate one or more uses for the element (on the back)

Each student will place these elements onto a trading card, just like the one pictured above. The idea is to create a card, just like a baseball card, that has a picture on one side and stats about the element on the other. After all our research is done, students will swap cards to retrieve information from one another to fill in their black periodic table that I have given them.

Mr. McClung


MissF said...

Wow, this is fantastic. I did something similar last year with my class. We each chose an element and completed a card similar to the one your students are completing. We then put a piece of string from the element on the poster out to the wall where the information was and it made a good display. you could have a challenge to see how many the students can remember off by heart. Here is a neat activity we did on atoms while we looked at the periodic table - its a bit of fun.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hello there,
I thought I come by and say ''Hello' to you all. We are learning about the dinosaurs this term. We hope you can pop over to our blog and check out what we have been doing.

Mrs She