Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Honor Roll

As we begin to wrap up our school to prepare for summer break, Tuesday we held our Honor Roll assembly to recognize academic excellence. Below are all the awards for sixth grade.

All A's for second semester: Courtney, Cendy, Carlos, Yolanda, and Wade

All A's for both semesters....and perfect attendance, Yolanda

All A's & B's for second semester: Francisco, Ben, Kirestin, Trystan, Ashley, Yessy, Kiley, Cheyenne, Kyle Tanner, Dillion, Shelby, Ricky, Jeff, and Ryan

All A's & B's both semesters: Ben, Kirestin, Trystan, Ashley, Yessy, Tanner, dillion, Ricky, and Jeff

Congratulations to everyone!

Mr. McClung


The Trucker's Wife said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I wasn't notified of the assembly so I wasn't there (first one I've ever missed). Now I at least have a picture. It's been great having you for my daughter's teacher. Good luck next year and I hope you hvae a great summer. TW

jkmcclung said...

My pleasure! Thank you for the kind words, and it is great to have parents like YOU that are so involved in your child's education. Have a great summer.

Mr. McClung

Jarrod Lamshed said...

Thanks for a great year of blogging with our class! We are only half way through our year, so we have a LOT of posts to make yet! We will miss checkin out your posts. Have a great summer break!

Mr Lamshed and Boys.

jeffrey said...

not to be rude or any thing but"kirsten"is not spelled "kiresten"
also thanks for an awsome year
you tought me alot this year
have a good summer!!!!!!!!