Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tie Tuesday Instructional Video

Sometime last month, Mr. C began renting ties to students for a quarter so that they could participate in Tie Tuesday. However, a problem started to arise. We had students in fifth and sixth grade running around with ties that were not tied at all or tied incorrectly. So with the help of Fidel from Mrs. Drake's Class, we created a short instructional video on how to tie a simple half windsor knot.

Tie Tuesday, promoting professionalism one tie at a time!

Mr. McClung


New Zealand, Room 8 said...

Fidel! Mr McClung! Genius! What a wonderful idea, as someone whose worn a tie twice this will be really helpful, and at some point we really need to take tie-Tuesday International. Hmmmmmm.

Fidel it was also great that you followed the instructions as Mr McClung said them so that we could really understand them.


Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

MissF said...

My first thought was to giggle when I saw the post but then after watching the video and looking at the diagram I stopped. What a powerfull post for men and women all around the world. I have struggled with this task on the few occasions I have been called upon to tie a tie ... Ka Pai.
Excellent work.
Miss F - Morrinsville Int, New Zealand

Jarrod Lamshed said...

Fantastic. I completely agree with Mr Webb. Tie Tuesday MUST go international. When it does, we will be revisiting this video as we all strap on our ties for what is sure to be an unforgettable event!

Mr Lamshed

John Strange said...

I really enjoyed this video. It fascinates me to think that I have tied my tie a million times, but I cannot explain how I do it. It is all automatic! So your demonstration was wonderful.

I have two additional problems with my ties, I often have to retie them because I did not leave the time long enough? Any suggestions about ow to deal with that problem?

Second, sometimes the knot is bigger than I want it to be. I retie it, but I wish I could estimate better where I should begin to tie it?

Thanks. A wonderful video!

shannon rm10 said...

cool now i know how to tie a tie incase one day i need to wear a suit for a job interveiw KOOL make sure you come and vist our classes blog

jkmcclung said...

@Dr. Strange, thanks for the questions. For your first problem, I have not found a sure fire way to measure the length before tying it. You just have to practice to develop a touch.

As for the knot, you can change the size by either starting with skinner part of your tie first, or do a different knot. Like a half windsor knot vs. a full windsor. Hope this helped!

The Trucker's Wife said...

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Sadera said...

I think think that the kids learning to put on a tie is a good thing for when the start to work!!!

I liked the video of Fidel tying a tie it was interesting!!!

Sadera, Room 14
Melville Intermediate School