Monday, May 11, 2009

Density Lab

In science class this past week, we have been practicing finding the volume and density of blocks, irregular objects, and liquids.. In order to find volume and density we have practiced learning two formulas, below is a short video of how we have been learning the formulas for density and volume.

Volume = Length x Width x Height & Density = Mass / Volume

Among the different activities, students learned how to find the density of wax blocks, plastic blocks, metal screws, copper cylinders, and plastic spacers. Students calculated the density of each object and then compared their densities to water by dropping them in water containers to see if they would sink or float.

In addition, we also created density columns using different types of liquids. Below is a picture of a density column that I created using (from top to bottom) oil, water, and corn syrup. Students were asked to calculate the density of each liquid and then check to see if their calculations were correct by creating a density column.

On Monday, we will revisit our lesson on density as we move forward in our discussions of properties of matter.

Mr. McClung

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