Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reading Buddies w/ Mrs. Polzer's Class

On Friday sixth grade students paired up with third grade students from Mrs. Polzer's class during their reading classes. Third graders were asked to read their selected book while the big kids listened and provided correction when appropriate.

This proved to be a fantastic exercise. Not only did the third grade students get the opportunity to practice their reading skills, but this was also beneficial for my students to practice skills they have previously learned and teach it to other children of varying ability.

Did you hear that? That little bit of buzz that is going on throughout the classroom....I absolutely love that sound. That is what great learning and interaction sounds like, and it music to my ears!

I am so proud of the positive attitudes my students displayed throughout this session, and I am ecstatic about their excitement to do it again. We will continue this practice for the remainder of the school year, and I look forward to posting more updates.

Mr. McClung


Jarrod Lamshed said...

This can be such a great learning experience. Great for the younger kids who get a heap more 'teachers' to hear them read. Great for the older kids who get to be the experts. I have 5 kids a day who go to our 'little buddy' class every morning to listen to reading. We do this on a rotating roster so that everyone gets an opportunity to be the expert.

Patt said...

Loved it. The third graders really enjoyed it. The "BIG" kids made them feel special. They all want to have 'book buddies' again.

Wm Chamberlain said...

I used to take my students to Mrs. Morris' kindergarten class to have them read to them. There were a few students that needed older kids to give them some attention.
Mr. C

MissF said...

I have done this myself and found my older students really enjoyed that mentoring role. I was also impressed with my students how they begun asking deeper questions and not just focussing on the surface features. What a great thing you have started up and i am sure your students will e back because the younger students really looked as though they were engaged and enjoying "showing off" their skills to the bigger kids.

Jessica White said...

What a great way to build relationships and community within your school. It's so wonderful to be able to have kids connect with others that are out of their age group. It mimics the world that they encounter and work in as they get older. Think of all the people you interact with throughout the day -- they aren't all the same age as you! What a great way to not only get wonderful reading practice, but a way to teach them how to interact with others.

They did a great job as readers and listeners.