Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Time

As of May 22nd, Noel Elementary has dismissed for summer break. Due to summer break, there will be no regular blog post and no video streaming, who wants to watch an empty classroom....honestly. We will return to school in mid August, have a great summer everyone, and I'll see you in the fall!

Mr. McClung


Judy Peal said...

Mr. McClung:
Re: Your post of May 27, 2009
What I've Learned This Year.

I am a student of Dr. John Strange at University of South Alabama. The comment you made about never being to old to learn, that is me. I am 57 year old Female from Sikeston, Mo and I returned back to school.

I am very impressed with the way you are working with your students. They will be more prepared for our changing ways of learning than students who do not have as much computer learning.

Our students, thankfully, are more advanced that we were back in the 50's and 60's, and with the technologies that we have today and the future, can only enhance their learning.

I personally believe, that actual hands on experience, that I will retain it easier than reading a book, explaining how to do something.

I had a class last semester, without a book, I have retained most of what I learned in class, of course, with a great deal of homework, pratice...

I look forward to your response.

Warmest Regards,


Judy Peal said...

Mr. McClung,

You may contact me at the following:

I am taking Dr. John Strange's summer class at USA (University of South Alabama).

Thank you,