Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talent Show

We held our annual talent show of the last day of school. Our talent show consists of students grades 3-8 and features singing, dancing, and much more. Below are some of the videos from last Friday's action.

The Dead Fish performing their "synchronized swimming" act

Fifth grader Devin and his version of the robot.

Fifth grader Mark and his dance performance.

Sixth grader Arota performing a Native Samoan dance, second place winner.

....and of course our first place winner in the 6-8 division, Jeff singing and playing Simple Man.

Last but not least, the Valencia Brothers stop by the school to perform a dance routine.

Part 2 of their performance.

A job well done by everyone, and what an excellent way to close out the year on such a high note.

Mr. McClung


Mrs. Drake and students said...

Thanks for the videos. All your students that are in summer school say "hi, Have a good summer."

Room10@Pt England School said...

Wow, what amazing talent you all have. We really enjoyed all the videos. However, we weren't sure if the girls were doing a Samoan dance or a Hawaiian/ Rarotongan dance instead? We're also wondering who the Valencia Brothers were? They were excellent dancers too.
Congratulations to all the participants.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School, N.Z

jkmcclung said...

@Miss Lavakula, thanks for the commnet. The dance was Samoan according to the young ladies that performed it, and the Valencia Brothers three locals from Noel. One is in the third grade, one in 9th grade (green), and one is a sr. in high school (yellow).

Mr. McClung

carmen u said...

Wow!Alberto was amazing I really loved his dance AND what can I say about Frisco his moves were sooooo OMG!!!!!!!!!GREAT JOB GUYS...

Dylan said...

realy kool talent show i think you should have more stuff involved but anyway you guys rock.

carmen u said...

Hey Mr.Mcclung I just wanted to help you with the top 10 blog posts from last year and I wanted to tell you my number 1 blog post from last year was the TALENT SHOW!!! The talent show was my favorite.

Danielle(Rm10) said...

Wow a talent show is a great thing to do I think you sould have a show called americas got talent because man you guys have alot of talent

james said...

Wow all of you have great talent maybe you will soon be on americas got talnt

Christina rm10mis said...

Hello, looks like fun we are doing our school play right good luck!!!
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Bonnie (rm10mis) said...

This Talent show looks so great hope I counld came and wacth but I can't because I live in the .N.Z.
you should came and vist=